FlowLight begun with the topic of burnout, specifically in University students. Burnout is something many students face, where they are overwhelmed with their responsibilities to the point of exhaustion. This was first explored through a storyboard as seen below. 

The story board highlight the feeling of being overwhelmed by multiple tasks. When faced with so many tasks it can be hard to fully concentrate on one, leading to the downward spiral of burnout. From here ideas started to develop around creating something that would allow a user to focus on more deeply on one task. By also setting a time to this task, it would prevent getting overworked or working longer than possible. 
Performing at an optimal experience is often referred to as flow. Coined by Csikszentmihalyi, flow is state of mind where a person acts with total involvement. It can often be found in activities such as sports or gaming. This state of mind can be used in other tasks to create a more fulfilling experience using clear goals, concentration and automaticity.
Using this information multiple ideas for prototypes started to emerge. Landing on flowlight, which utilizes a physical light source and mobile app to help guide a user into a flow. 
Low fidelity prototyping
Initial low fidelity prototype for LightFlow, an app accompanied by a physical small light box that guides the user through various work flows. Each light indicates the type of task, or vigour in which a task should be done, e.g., warm up, deep work. 
Initial fast prototype for the physical light source. As seen here it is a cube that can easily change between colours to signify the next step in their flow. 
High fidelity prototype

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